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Video Monitoring

Centec carries the latest in cameras, monitors, digital video recorders and accessories.

The simple presence of cameras will serve as a deterrent. Video surveillance protects buildings,
assets, and provides personal safety and documentation.

Centec's product line will provide outstanding imaging results in any environment.


Theft and vandalism costs companies millions of dollars a year. Centec will provide you with
the right products and services to meet your needs with plenty of room for growth.


The need for safety of state and local government facilities is ever increasing. Typical applications
include police and fire departments, interrogation rooms, government buildings, water treatment facilities,
and city vehicle and equipment storage areas.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions employ cameras throughout their branch operations to monitor drive-through
teller stations, ATM, vault access, bank teller transaction and overall building security. Centec's product
line can be integrated with existing CCTV equipment.


Numerous businesses benefit from video technology in industrial environments. Centec provides
CCTV that stands up to the rigorous demands of the industrial world.