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Centec is one of Wisconsin’s largest security systems integrators with proven expertise in the design, installation and service of commercial and executive residential clients.

Access Control

Access control systems regulate the movement of people entering or within your building to help protect your employees, property, and company information.

Centec can design and install a system that meets your needs, from applications as simple as two-door access, all the way up to multi-site, high-security integrated systems controlling hundreds to thousands of access points.

Fire Protection

Centec has a multitude of fire detection devices to help protect and monitor your business. Fire protection depends on the early detection and alerting of the occupants and emergency services.

Fires caused by faulty wires, accidents or machinery malfunctions could mean your business is minutes away from ruin…minutes that can make a difference in saving lives and reducing costly downtime.

Video Surveillance

Centec carries the latest in cameras, monitors, digital video recorders, and accessories.

The simple presence of cameras will serve as a deterrent. Video surveillance protects buildings, assets, and provides personal safety and documentation. Centec’s product line will provide outstanding imaging results in any environment.

Intrusion Alarms

Security devices that detect when someone enters your facility or residence are the best way to keep burglars out. The presence of a security system is often enough to deter theft.

Centec provides systems that work as stand-alone systems or as part of a totally integrated system. Our security systems work together with fire detection, video surveillance, and access control.

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“It is so good to know that there is a high-quality security company that is local to our area, which offers the latest technology, and superior service, and is versatile enough to offer these products and services to commercial clients as well as residential clients. How absolutely pleased I am with Centec Security!”

—Residential Customer

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