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When it comes to keeping life and business secure, you can trust Centec.

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From small convenience stores to large-scale supermarkets, Centec can help decrease theft and increase your employee + customer safety.

Manufacturing plants, factory settings, machinery and storage facilities and more… Secure your equipment inventory, control areas of access and deter break-ins.
Multi-family apartments, high-rises, and condo developments. Use of Voice Entry Systems and electronic directories to control areas of access within your facility.
Places where we gather, from stadiums to museums and more. Keeping access controlled, Increase public safety and closely monitor activities within your facility.
Keeping schools, places of worship, medical facilities, and cemeteries safe and secure. Monitor and all points of entry and increase faculty and student safety with our access control systems.

Securing inventories, shipping platforms, and access points. Deter break-ins, secure equipment inventories, and prevent unwanted access within your facility.


From walk-in clinics to large-scale hospitals. Monitor Access to authorized areas, keep patient records highly secure, safeguard inventories and medical equipment, and protect faculty and patients.

Receive high levels of security that go beyond gated properties with specialized access control systems.
Specialized access control systems are critical for monitoring large scale production plants for: Meat, Beverage, Grain, Dairy, Seafood and others.

Total Security Is Only
One Advantage

Design & Installation

We have you covered during new construction, remodeling or changing locations. We will coordinate all of your security and life safety services with architects, engineers, general contractors and IT/IS personnel–it’s that easy!

Central Station Monitoring

Centec’s Central Station provides you with complete information on the current status of your facility. Access your account information via phone or online.

Ease of Operation

Manage and operate single or multiple systems through a centralized, integrated platform.


Service & Trust With Centec

Only one call must be made for help to our service technicians—NOT multiple calls to multiple service providers.

Secure your

You deserve a strong support system. Centec is on your team and ready to help.

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